General privacy statement
What do we do with your data?
Do we process your data?
As a builder of weighing systems, we offer, together with the weighing system, the data processing of all data via the software of the on-board computer, web service, AE Track & Trace software, etc.
We therefore mainly process data of entrepreneurs and their employees. Of course we also process the data of many customers of these entrepreneurs and everyone who visits our website, applies for a job at our company, ...
We take the best possible care of all this data and want to inform you completely transparently.
Why do we collect your data?
In order to be able to provide our services, we need a lot of personal data, both from the self-employed entrepreneur and his employees and from an applicant.
With this data we can perform our services correctly.
What data do we have about you?
As a company, AE Van de Vliet BV processes all kinds of data from prospects, customers, employees,…. Below you will find a list of which data we keep. We do not use this data for all our services, but limit this per service to the data necessary to optimally perform our services.
• Identification data: for example, in many cases we keep a record of the name to be able to do a correct identification and the address to send correspondence.
• Contact details: we use the mobile number or e-mail address to contact the persons concerned if necessary.
• Financial data: as a company we have knowledge of financial transactions, AE Van de Vliet BV knows which wages have been paid, AE Van de Vliet BV knows which social contributions have been paid and AE Van de Vliet BV knows which premiums and compensation have been paid.
How do we collect your data?
We collect your data in different ways, depending on your relationship with our company.
You provide us with your data yourself:
• if you, as a company or self-employed person, place an order with AE Van de Vliet BV;
• when you register with AE Van de Vliet BV to apply;
• if you enter your own details on our website because you are interested in one of our services.
We receive your data through the use of our site, through cookies.
Through these cookies:
• we can remember your preferences, so that, for example, you do not have to state your language preference every time,
• our website works faster,
• we improve our website based on anonymized data
• and we can respond to your interest in certain services with your permission.
If you do not want cookies, you can block or delete them at any time in your browser. This may affect the operation of our website.
Why do we use your data?
First and foremost, we use your data to provide you with our services:
• If you request a service (quotation, order,…), we use your identification and contact details.
• If you apply for a job at AE Van de Vliet BV, we will process your identification and contact details, family details and educational and professional details.
Who do we pass on your data to?
For efficient administration, we share your data within our company.
We also share your data outside our company, when this is necessary in the context of our services. For example, we pass on your data to government services (metrology) or IT companies.
How do we secure your data?
To secure your data, we take many technical and organizational measures to guarantee the availability, integrity and protection of your personal data. Our technical measures include network security, system security, firewalls, encryption and access control. On an organizational level, we take care of, among other things, physical access restrictions, identity checks, awareness among our employees, a procedure in the event of data leaks and a close follow-up of everything that happens with your data within our company.
Would you like more information?
More information about how we handle your data can be found here. You can find, among other things, which personal data about you our services have, to whom that data is passed on and on the basis of which legal basis this is done.

Contact us if you have a request to exercise one of your GDPR rights:
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