General Terms and Conditions of Sale

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This page was last modified on 05/07/21

1.   The present terms and conditions of sale apply to all deliveries and services provided by AE Van de Vliet bvba. Exceptions are only accepted with the prior written agreement and approval of the points in question by AE Van de Vliet bvba.
2.   Offers are presented to customers without any obligation by AE Van de Vliet bvba. Orders can only be accepted after a written order confirmation.
3.   Unless stipulated otherwise, prices apply in euros excl. VAT. The delivery conditions are carriage paid ex works. Delivered goods travel at the principal’s risk and expense.
4.   Complaints will be admissible, provided that they are submitted to AE Van de Vliet bvba within 10 days and by registered letter.
5.   Invoices are payable after the order has been accepted, either in cash upon delivery or within the periods contractually agreed upon, without any discount. Post-maturity interests on outstanding receivables will be charged automatically if the payment period is exceeded. These post-maturity interests amount to 7% per year, increased with the interest rate last published by the European Central Bank, and will be charged without prejudice to any further legal steps the collection of receivables would require.
6.   Goods are delivered with retention of title.
7.   Delivery periods commence at the earliest on the sending date of the order confirmation or on the date on which the advance payment is received.
8.   The warranty period is 1 year and is limited to the free provision of defective or improperly functioning components. The improper functioning or defect must not be due to wear and tear, improper or careless use, and/or exposure to extreme circumstances.
9.    To facilitate a free provision, the disputed components must first have been returned to AE Van de Vliet bvba for investigation purposes.
10.  AE Van de Vliet bvba rejects any responsibility for any consequential damage.
11.  Belgian law and the relevant European Directives apply to all sale transactions. The Turnhout court has exclusive jurisdiction.
12. Information regarding our Privacy policy can be found on our website: WWW. under heading: More about us - Privacy policy.  As part of our recognition for re-inspections in Belgium, the results of the inspections will be uploaded to the Metrology e-metro site.
13.Price revision clause: “Between the moment the agreement is signed by the customer and the moment a certain installment or invoice has to be paid, the price from the original quotation can be revised according to the evolution of the material prices.
This is done on the basis of the following price revision formula: P = p {a + c (I/i)} where:
• P = the new price
• p = the original price provided in the quotation
• a = the percentage of the price that is not eligible for revision (a >= 0.20)
• c = the percentage of the material cost in the total price (a + c = 1)
• I = the new material index (the month preceding the termination of the works)
• i = the original material index (the month preceding the date of the quotation)"
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