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Over the past 25 years, AE Van de Vliet BV - AE Weighing Systems has specialised in approved mobile weighing systems.

Almost all applications you will find on our web site are European approved weighing systems, i.e. the customer may be invoiced on a weight basis.

In consultation with the truck superstructure builder we provide an approved weighing system for all types of trucks. 
This allows you to determine the weight of your product on site and directly invoice the customer.

We can also provide approved weighing systems for other applications such as forklift trucks, wheel loaders, cranes and loading platforms.

In addition, together with the weighing system, we offer data processing via the on-board computer software, web service, AE Track & Trace software, etc.

AE Van de Vliet is certified to carry out initial approvals in Europe, i.e. CE-047, and re-approvals of equipment used in the Netherlands, i.e. EK-1257, authorised by the Dutch NMI.
For re-approvals in Belgium of non-automatic and automatic weighing instruments we are granted the accreditation to BELAC in accordance with ISO 17020, i.e. 277INSP 

All our products are developed internally. We build the complete weighing system, starting with the electronic diagram, circuit board, software and mechanical construction, up to the eventual calibration. This facilitates customer-oriented modifications.



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